–  S T U D Y  –


“Healthy”, a lifestyle statement:
the contemporary form of cool 

Health has become THE way of life to exhibit and is moving into new territories, fully endorsed by the Millennials or “Health-Yers”: playful health proposals, augmented wellness disciplines, integrated data care ecosystem, repair revolution, inner beauty, (re)design of brands & retail, etc.



TrendSourcing deciphers the new health norms

and offers you sources of inspiration to re-set your products & brands to ‘LifeStyle Brands’. With meaning and commitment.




* Insights & aspiration, NEW generation 

HealthYers’ expectations, hopes and emotions,
that reshape the health/wellness beauty attitude paradigm.


* The initiatives that create the Health Revolution

Experiences, innovations and design that reinvent and delight the rituals of care
(products, devices, services, locations, protocols, new technologies…).


* Strategic directions

Territories to move into to fine-tune your brands for tomorrow.


Subscription study in English – 65 pages
Scope : US, Europe, Asia
Multi-sectoral monitoring: sociology and basic research
New medical and digital technologies, cosmetics, spas, sports, food, arts & crafts, retail: from mass to luxury.-


€4 500 HT – including 60 slides and 1 oral presentation
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