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Go green & sustainable
20 years of expertise


What drives us: identify major trends, provide insights on your strategic vision and translate these elements into an innovation approach. In beauty, health and green lifestyle.


From a sociological base, we support the marketing, development, innovation and R&D departments in their forward-looking vision and brand strategy. Our advice is aimed at startups as well as large companies, engaged in B2B or B2C, in the cosmetics, food, hotel, retailing, and other industries.


We have been pioneers in bio/green/wellness for more than 20 years and are consolidating these orientations through the latest advances, from ‘biotech’, clean formulation and extraction to zero waste packaging.


Our pleasure is to bring meaning, coherence and ethics to your projects. At the end of our mission, our clients have become partners and we like to send them information related to their areas of development.


With us, aim for Circular Economy through biodegradability of formulas, zero-plastics, zero-waste…by integrating the concepts of “well-aging”, “gender fluid”, customization and other exciting data for the world of tomorrow.