The network of Experts

With 25 years of activity, Pascale has built a network of professional expertise which she springs into action specifically for each mandate. In addition to the daily watch, her methodology includes: meetings (creators of brands, experts, journalists), conferences, trade fairs, travel, consumer interviews, qualitative and quantitative data, care & services experience feedback, etc.


International R&D Innovation, Clean Beauty Specialist


If you wish to transform the architecture of a conventional formula into a natural version, then look no further: this is one of Laurence’s expertises! Together, we give lectures and carry out “green & clean” studies for established brands and startups.


A specialist in R & D innovation, her role is to create a product that will be perceived as different, integrating “a new consumer experience”.


Highly connected and available, it is always a pleasure to share with her on a daily basis 😉


Asian and Emerging Beauty Trends


She is known to everyone in the cosmetic world as the expert on Asia, a part of the world she has criss-crossed every month for the past 20 years (after having worked for 15 years in connection with Japan). No one comes close to her in deciphering Asian innovations and, as such, we produce exciting cross-tabulations on inter-continental trends.


Florence is excited by products and spreads her enthusiasm for the latest Japanese jelly-pop texture or the cultist Korean mono green ingredient. I love it !


Digital Trends and Branding Specialist


With Hugo the complicity is total. We are in synch in terms of trends, vision, the ecology of the being and of the planet. Working together is a real pleasure and is a generator of creative energy.


Hugo is one step ahead in tech and is passionate about genderfluid. He does not hesitate to live 18 months Down Under to perfect his English ;))




Semiologist – Branding Specialist


A craftsman of words and meanings in all their forms, Anthony has been working with brands, companies and startups in the fashion, beauty, food and lifestyle sectors for the past 15 years.It is a delight to hear him speak, for he brings coherence and consistency to life and brings you into the captivating world of semiology.


Anthony is a professor at the University of Paris Descartes and publishes in specialized journals and collective works. Most recent article: “Semiology and fashion: the experience of the garment “.”  


Professor of Dermatology


Former Head of the Dermatology Department of Franche-Comté, Philippe became a whistleblower, a defender of patients’ rights to ensure quality and humane care. He holds numerous degrees, has received countless distinctions and other functions.


A hard worker, he has worked extensively with cosmetic brands, in particular being Director of the Centre for Studies and Research on the Tegument (CERT), allowing him to carry out more than 400 clinical studies. Quite a caliber 😉


Integrative Doctor of Medecine


Long before the majority of his colleagues, Denis integrated the concepts of global health and the mind-body unity in his medical practice. It had always seemed fairly basic for him to promote the well-being of his patients by focusing his action on prevention and the optimization of health.


It was, therefore, quite obvious for me to meet him 12 years ago and now regularly share our holistic visions throughout the world 😉.


He became a consultant in integrative medicine, e-health, and stress management. He founded his company, Wellness Management, to offer organizations tailor-made solutions based on these wellness approaches.


30 years’ experience in Spa and Treatment Protocols


Specialist in the creation and teaching of signature treatments, Galya works with Spas in the development of original treatment menus. She also assists them in their professional daily life (personnel management, profitability, communication, etc.).


A holistic practitioner, Galya additionally provides wonderful massages and has a unique poetic creativity, the fruit of her insatiable quest for the road to harmony in life. Consultant, lecturer, trainer, writer, it is a pleasure to be energized by her enthusiasm!


Semiotician – Media and Brand Specialist

Director of Think-Out, Jean-Maxence is a man of studies who has supported brands for 20 years in their identities and in the deployment of their offerings or content.


He specialises in digital change and its effects on the media and their audiences, as well as in the evolution of consumer behaviour. I had the pleasure of having my office in the premises of Think-Out for 8 years and to be able to interact regularly with the team 😉


Fasciatherapist, Creator of the Fascia Esthétique® Concept


Claire is a gem! She has an extraordinary touch which puts the elements of the body back in their axis, recovers from jet lag, cures digestive disorders, headaches, etc. Thanks to Claire, I discovered fasciatherapy 15 years ago.


Her subtle knowledge of the body and of the fascia envelope is fascinating and oh so helpful! She is also the founder of the School of Fascia Bien-Être® and offers training in Paris as well as in the South (Lubéron), such that her knowledge is accessible to the greatest number of people 😉


Digital Producer, Creative Technologist and Media Artist


Fabrice is intuitive, inventive and has a solution for everything 😉. He was the creator of this site but it is only the small visible part of the iceberg: he goes back and forth between creative strategy, digital production, creative technology and digital arts on a daily basis.


Always on the go, available and informed, he is at the origin of the Rosettta Think Tank, dedicated to research and study of sustainable approaches in the field of creativity.


Visual Display Designer


Anaïs creates the visual merchandising of storefront windows and shops. She knows no equal in highlighting the story of a creator or her/his brand.


Passionate about what the future holds and in tune with the times, her creations make use of numerous material solutions. I appreciate the sensitivity of her creations.


Bruno, spécialiste de l’anthropologie visuelle et du film ethnographique


Avec plus de 20 ans de pratique dans les services de films ethnographiques et la production vidéo, Bruno a des capacités uniques pour s’immerger dans différents milieux et capter de près les activités humaines.  

Nous avons travaillé ensemble à plusieurs reprises et j’admire son approche singulière et empathique avec les consommateurs, qui permet de révéler des faits comportementaux et culturels contribuant au développement de produits et à la communication. 


Bruno partage son temps entre Toronto, Paris et le “Sud Profond” des Etats-Unis, où il s’intéresse depuis toujours au Blues et à la musique soul “Old School”. C’est un plaisir de le voir régulièrement !